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P4 English Literature - VIA Project

Our P4 English Literature Project this year is the integration of English & Literature with Values-in-Action (VIA). This project teaches English Language skills in a meaningful context promoting reading and introducing basic literary devices so students can better engage with texts and eventually, be able to communicate better.

Using the text The Family Under the Bridge written by Natalie Savage Carlson, values such as empathy for the less fortunate in the society, inclusivity and social responsibility were weaved into our lessons. Students were made aware of the people in need around them--the less fortunate, the elderly and the homeless. Realising that age should not be a barrier in giving , students connected with the elderly in our community by creating well-wishes cards and multi-sensory stimulation kits . These creations would be given to the elderly residing in St Luke’s Hospital and Bukit Batok Care Home.