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School Values

School Values (R3ICH Values)

Respect I will be respectful and considerate to others 

Responsibility – I will carry out my duty with love and commitment

Resilience - I will never give up easily


Integrity – I will be honest and stand up for what is right


Care - I will share and show care and concern for others


Harmony – I will work and interact well with others





I am respectful to everyone
Lions are large and majestic creatures. They can roar very loudly and will defend their pride when enemy attacks. We have great respect and admiration for Lions because of their strength and bravery. Lions have been used by many countries as a symbol of Loyalty and Respect.



I give of my best
Kangaroos are marsupial that are commonly found in Australia. The female kangaroos carry their young (called joey) everywhere they go for at least 235 days. During these days, the mother Kangaroo makes sure that the young is well fed and looked after. Even in the face of danger, the mother Kangaroo will protect its young and not leave it alone. This is indeed responsibility.



I never give up easily
Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. They are highly adaptable animals as they can swim underwater in search of food. During the harsh winter, Penguins have to brave the cold and look after the young while their partners look for food. They are indeed resilient creatures.


I am honest and do the right things
The Giraffes are African even-toed ungulate mammals. They are the tallest of all land-living animal species in the world. The giraffe stands tall and is not afraid to hide its intentions during feeding. The straight and long neck of a giraffe symbolises Integrity as it reminds us of a Chinese saying “  A person of honesty sits upright and has a firm gait”.


I share and show concern for others
 Elephants are useful animals to us. They help us to carrying heavy materials such as logs in the forest. Hand-fed elephants are known to rescue their masters from other wild animals in times of danger. An elephant shows care by carrying its master on its back during long distance or walking through difficult terrain. Just like the Sharity Elephant, the elephant does demonstrate Care.



I work well with others
Dolphins are cute and highly intelligent mammals. In the wild, they live as a pod and few marine creatures dare to attack them. When one dolphin is down, the rest will stay together and nurse it back to health. The Dolphins have a strong sense of community with the one another as well as the world around them. Around the world, there are stories of Dolphins saving humans from sharks attack. They learn to live harmoniously with the creatures in the sea.