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Character Development (Development Awards) 



Character Development Award (CDA)

Keming Primary School was awarded the Character Development Award (CDA) from MOE in 2012. This award aims to provide public recognition to deserving schools for their quality effort in providing platforms and structured programmes for their students to develop good character.  

Besides the explicit teaching of the school’s R³ICH Values and Social and Emotional (SE) Competencies during curriculum time, such as CME lessons and Form Teacher Guidance Periods (FTGP), Keming has put in place a structured development programme outside of the classroom, to help Kemingnites internalise the values and develop their SE Competencies, so as to allow the students to put the values they have learnt into everyday practice. Some of the key programmes and platforms are the LOVE@Keming sharing sessions by student leaders, Graciousness4All@Keming talks, Bully-Free School@Keming initiative, Values in Action (ViA) projects, coupled with the extensive use of the Student Reflection Journal in encouraging all our students to be reflective practitioners. Kindly refer to the individual departmental webpages to learn more about the programmes mentioned.        


 National Education (Development Awards)



National Education is an important part of the education process. It aims to develop in our young the instinct for survival, national cohesion and confidence in our future.

Keming Primary School was awarded the Development Award for NE in 2012. This award recognises the school’s national education efforts in imbuing our students with a strong sense of national identity and social responsibility.

In Keming Primary School, the NE programmes focus on providing learning opportunities for students to acquire knowledge, develop a well-founded confidence about the Singaporean way of life and critically think about how they can shape Singapore’s future. Through our programmes, our students attain a high level of awareness of local and global issues as well as acquire the necessary skills to bring Singapore to greater heights.