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Partners Award




We attained MERIT for the PARTNERS Award (2012 to 2015). Attached is the PARTNERS Award logo. This is in recognition of the important role that stakeholders (SAC, Alumni, PSG, Community) play in partnering Keming in our education endeavour.



Keming Primary School has been awarded the 3R Award which is based on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The school is recognised for the efforts in reinforcing the need to bring about positive environmental effects. Our school programmes encourage everyone in the school to inculcate the continuous habit of practising the 3Rs, contributing to better waste management and enhanced recycling.



Green Schools @ South west 

Green Schools @ South west

Keming Primary School is proud to have achieved the Gold Award for the Green Schools @ South West Programme in 2013.


We participated in all 5 modules of the programme. They are:
1) Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
2) Clean, dry and sparkling toilets
3) A Litter-free environment
4) A community that does not spread bugs
5) 4R's reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse

As a result of our active participation and contributions, we clinched the highest level of award, which is ‘Gold Award’, consecutively for the last three years (2011, 2012 & 2013).


Gold Award sustained partnership  


Keming Primary School has been awarded the Gold Award for the sustained partnership with Underwater World Pte Ltd under NEA ‘Corporate And School Partnership’ (CASP) Programme.


The school works closely with Underwater World Pte Ltd to provide authentic learning experiences to educate our students on Marine Conservation.


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