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Physical Education & Health Education

Physical Education

Curricular Goal

To be fit, healthy and sporting individuals



Mdm Shiea Suria, , Mrs Jennifer Lau, Miss Lim Si Qi, Mr Ng Zhili Gerard-Christian, Mr Yong Seng Kiak, Mrs Sharon Yeo  and Miss Lim Siew Chin


Our Programmes & Activities

Apart from learning the fundamental movements and concepts of PE, students at Keming Primary are also exposed to other sports and outdoor education.  Through our activities, we hope to impart in our students the movements and knowledge of some game concepts, thus instilling in them the spirit of sportsmanship, friendship, respect, resilience and fair play.


PE Department Programmes & Activities

Term 1:

Height & Weight Measurement (all levels)

Level Sports Day for Primary 3 & 4


Term 2:

Primary 5 Outdoor Adventure Camp (3 days, 2 nights)

Primary 4 & 6 NAPFA Test

Height & Weight Measurement (all levels)

NAPFA Retest


Term 3:

Height & Weight Measurement (all levels)

Lower Primary Games Day (Primary 1 & 2)

Level Sports Day for Primary 5


Term 4:

Level Sports Day for Primary 6





Health Education

Kemingnites held their first-ever Wellness Day on Friday, 27 February. The aim of Wellness Day is to promote living a healthy lifestyle through choosing a healthy diet and regular exercise. 






Anti-Drug Campaign Corner

Dettol assembly  Healthier 
Today better Tomorrow



Dettol Assembly Healthier 
Today better Tomorrow

Fruits with my Friends Winner




HE Monitor Training

HL Milk Talk




HE Talk

Love at Keming Health Booth