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Curricular Goal

To build a community of independent and effective problem solvers. 

To develop the students’ problem-solving skills so that they are able to think critically, reason logically and communicate mathematically through quality instructions and programmes. The Mathematics Department aims to develop our students to become effective problem solvers. Through the rigorous Mathematics curriculum, students acquire proficiency in problem-solving skills through the use of the CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) approach. The department uses the inquiry and the gradual release of responsibility models as a pedagogical approach to develop confidence, co-operation and curiosity in our students.



  • Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) P1 and P2
  • Mathematics Competition Training Programme P4 to P6
  • Mathematics Enhrichment Programme P5 to P6
  • Mathematics Workshops for Parents
  • Learning Journeys 
  • Mathematics Journaling 
  • Numeracy Club  

 SMOPS 2016.jpg

 Students received the awards for Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) 2016

ICAS 2016 (1).jpg

ICAS 2016 (2).jpg

Students received the awards for International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) 2016

NMOPS 2016.jpgStudents received the awards for National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore for Primary Schools (NMOPS) 2016

Mathematics Workshop for Parents

Ms Hanis shared on Polya's problem solving techniques.

Mr Gerard shared on the use of Heuristics to solve Mathematical problems.

Mdm Cheum shared on finding a pattern in heuristics.

Learning Journey
Changi Airport.jpg
Students learnt the concept of Measurement in an authentic setting at Changi Airport during their Primary 1 Learning Journey.

money.jpgStudents learnt the concept of Money at Changi Airport's NTUC Fairprice Finest.

Maths Trails

Students learnt the concept of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Figures during the Maths Trail

Mathtrial2.jpgPrimary 2 students reflected on what they had learnt during the Maths Trail. 

Mathtrial3.jpgPrimary 3 students attempted questions on Addition and Subtraction within 10 000 at the Time Capsule Station during the Maths Trail. 

Mathtrial4.jpgPrimary 3 students reflected on what they had learnt during the Maths Trail.