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Mission and Vision

School Mission

Connecting Hearts, Engaging Minds:

We want to build quality relationship with our students by connecting their hearts so that they will want to learn and grow their MAPIES domains to the full and eventually becoming good and useful citizens. In other words, we want to connect our students’ hearts and engage their minds so that we can realise our vision of ‘Enlightened Students, Enriched Citizens’.


Connecting Hearts:

Build quality relationships with our students by

  1.  accepting the individual
  2.  acknowledging his/her abilities and talents
  3.  helping him/her to progress in a learning pathway that meets his/her needs*.


Engaging Minds:

Provide platforms for learning to guide and help our students to develop their MAPIES domains to the full so that they will grow in knowledge, skills and values, and glow to become good and useful citizens.


The mission is applied to our staff as we strive to build quality relationship with one another as well as with our Partners (Home and Community) (hearts) and engage in our learning (minds) as we continue to learn for continuous improvement, innovation and excellence.


By so doing, we are able to build our Culture of Care (via connecting hearts) and Culture of Learning (via engaging minds)

School Vision

Enlightened Students, Enriched Citizens


During the 6 years of Education@Keming, our students will grow their MAPIES domains to the full and glow to become good and useful citizens.


Enlightened Students

Enlightened Students are said to have developed their MAPIES domains to the full and they would become

  1.  Morally upright (moral domain)
  2.  Aesthetically aware (aesthetic domain)
  3.  Physically robust (physical domain)
  4.  Intellectually nimble (intellectual domain)
  5.  Emotionally adept (emotional domain)
  6.  Socially responsible (social domain)

These are also known as the MAPIES student outcomes.


Enriched Citizens

In the process, our students will learn to strive to ‘Do the Right Thing’ (moral character) and ‘Give of their Best’ (performance character). Ultimately, they glow as Enriched Citizens who are good and useful citizens; always staying rooted to Singapore, striving to foster national and social cohesion, and making positive contributions to the community and country. This vision is aligned to the MOE’s Philosophy of Education, C2015 Student Outcomes and PERI’s recommendations.