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Our Parent Support Group

Programmes / Activities that Parent Volunteers could Offer their Services in:

Regular Basis (Academic)
  1. Reading Programme *English / Chinese / Malay / Tamil
  2. Library Duty

Regular Basis (Non-academic)
  1. Swimming Lessons
  2. Road Safety / Traffic Control (Weekdays, from 7 a.m. to 7.30 a.m.)
  3. Main / Back Gate Duty ( Weekdays, half an hour before or after school)
  4. Recess Duty : Canteen / First -Aid Corner / Playground / Field
(Weekdays, from 9.15 a.m. to 10.45a.m.)

  1. Facilitators for Learning Journey
  2. Life Skills Programme
  3. NAPFA Test
  4. Exam Duties: Time-Keeper for Oral Examination / Monitor student movement
  5. LOVE @ Keming Family Day
  6. NE Events Eg: Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day, International Friendship Day.
  7. Mid-Autumn Festival
  8. Sports / Games Day
  9. Teachers' Day Concert
  10. Conduct Workshops / Sharing / Seminars Eg. Career talk, motivational talk, craft work,etc
  11. Coach students for competitions
  12. Assist in preparing students on the day of competitions for CCAs such as Wushu, Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Dance and International Dance ( e.g. setting up of equipment, helping children with their makeup etc)

To register as a Parent Volunteer in Keming Primary School

Activities could be carried out either face-to-face or online, depending on the nature of the request by the school and at the same time adhering to the guidelines specified in the Safe Management Measures (SMM) document.

       1.  Current Parents with Children in the School – Click on the following link to download the form and
         submit the completed form to Mdm Zainab at the General Office.

For any enquiries, you can contact Mdm Zainab at 68962054.

PSG Photo Gallery

p.jpeg tn.IMG_8582.JPG.mid.jpeg
tn.IMG_8587.JPG.mid.jpeg tn.IMG_8635.JPG.mid.jpeg
A series of talks on Good Enough Parenting was conducted for parents.

Talks Conducted for Parents of P1 Students for the First 3 Days

tn.IMG_8448.JPG.mid.jpeg tn.IMG_8452.JPG.mid.jpeg
tn.IMG_8477.JPG.mid.jpeg tn.IMG_8478.JPG.mid.jpeg
After the talks, the parents had the opportunity to interact with the Principal and the Parent Support Group.

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Parent volunteers known as the Sparkle Mums provided support in learning.

15033943_10154652276588426_809519850_o.jpeg 15034030_10154652277238426_1349831141_o.jpeg
A talk on 'The Intentional Parent' was conducted for parents.

LOVE@Keming Family Day [Living Our Values Explicitly]
  • Provide a platform to celebrate and showcase Keming's talents and achievements
  • Fostered bonding between the home and the school
  • Collaborated with School Advisory Committee (SAC), Alumni, Parent Support Group (PSG), Parents and the Community Partners to enrich and enhance the quality of learning experiences

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