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Curricular Goal

An Appreciative Audience and Engaged Student of the Arts


A Student of Keming will be Aesthetically Aware when he is able to appreciate the Arts and be engaged in Arts activities. A student who is an Appreciative Audience will be an Active Listener and a Supportive Peer and all students will be engaged in the Arts through the Arts4U@Keming Programme. Through the Arts4U@Keming Programme, after 6 years in Keming, students will have Arts Exposure, Arts Enrichment & Excursion and Arts Excellence platforms to develop in the areas of Music, Art (Visual), Drama & Dance (MADD).

Arts Exposure Events include:
- assembly items, art displays on noticeboards and recess-time activities

Arts Enrichment & Excursions include:
- special curricular programmes (such as Body Percussion as well as Dance, Ethnic Art projects), theatre and museum visits

Arts Excellence Platforms include:
- Arts4U recess time showcase, exhibitions & presentations as well as performances during school concerts and events

Art 1.jpeg Art 2.jpeg
Art 4.jpeg Art 3.jpeg
Arts4U recess time showcase

Since 2016, the department’s focus is to make the Arts Vibrant in Keming by first making the Arts Visible through the physical surroundings and art activities during recess and then making the Arts Valued through the use of art appreciation and reflection as well as special art projects (For example, the Ethnic Art programme).

on stage.jpeg
Creating awareness of Chinese instruments during an assembly item by a local Chinese Orchestra group. Our very own Chinese Orchestra students even performed during the item!

Members of the group showing how there can be a fusion of modern music and language with the playing of Chinese Orchestra instruments and singing.

art at living rm.jpeg Our team of SYF artists showcasing their doodling skills at an Artist@Work session during recess. Artist@Work is a newly introduced activity under the Arts Excellence platform where students who are artistically inclined can showcase their skills and at the same time, create an awareness of the skill under Arts Exposure events for their school mates.


The Art Department focusses on the process of creating Art. Our teachers follow the Seeing-Expressing-Appreciating approach to encourage our students to appreciate Art not only by looking at the end product but also by thinking through how they created their art pieces and how they feel upon completion. We adopt Artful Thinking strategies such as See-Think-Wonder and Step Inside to develop active processing and reflection in the creation process.

Our students are introduced to the basic skills of drawing and colouring as well as blending techniques in crayons and painting in the lower primary. They will get to know works by famous artists like Vincent Van Goh and Andy Warhol and have a hand in creating artworks in these famous artists’ style e.g. Pop Art.

Upper Primary students will have the opportunity to explore varied visual art forms at a higher level from photography to still life drawing. Students will continue to learn about artists and their works like Georgia O’Keefe and Paul Cezanne.

In their 6 years in Keming, students will have the opportunity to visit art works at a museum as part of their Arts Enrichment & Excursion experience and opportunities to display their art works during art exhibitions.


The Music Department follows the new Music syllabus closely and injects elements of fun into lessons by introducing movement as well as dance. Students will be exposed to various music genres and musical instruments individually and in groups.

At the lower levels, students will learn fundamental music skills like solfege and develop both their aural and vocal domains.

From Primary 3 to 5, all students will hone their music skills further by engaging in at least 2 musical instruments, namely, the recorder and xylophone. They will also have the opportunity to participate in music enrichment programmes which encourage ensemble playing.

In 2016, all our Primary 6 students went through a 10-week course in jazz/hip hop dance with an external vendor. All the classes then showcased their newly-honed dance skills during their year-end Primary 6 Graduation Concert.

Music Lesson