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Our Alumni Association

1 August 2019

Currently Keming Primary School Alumni Association EXCO members are reviewing the Constitution and they will need at least half a year to complete the review.  As such, the Association is unable to take in new members until further notice.

Our Alumni Association




Ms Casey Lim


Ms Foo Lan Yoke


   Mr Steven Tam


 Mr Ang Kah Lai

   Asst Secretary

   Mr David Lee


 Mr Pang Choon Chew

   Asst Treasurer

   Mr David Lee Cheng Wah

 Internal Auditor

   Mr Goh Jenn Woei

Committee Member

 Ms Sua Tock Swee (Cai Du Cui)

Committee Member

 Ms Wee Mui LanCommittee Member 
Ms Foo Lan Yoke 
Committee Member 
Mr Lau Nee Choon Committee Member 
Mr Daniel Toh Committee Member 
Ms Foo May Jee Committee Member 
 Mr Ang Kok EngCommittee Member 
 Mr Ang Tang Hiow
Committee Member