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Our Uniqueness (LLP)

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) - Character Development through Sports

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Character Development through Sports is aligned to the school’s mission of “Connecting Hearts, Engaging Minds”. The students, having been exposed to an array of sports, are likely to develop values and attitudes such as teamwork and fair play (Connecting Hearts) as well as be equipped with the knowledge and skills to want to play the sports well (Engaging Minds). After 6 years of sporting experience in the school, the students or student-athletes are aware of their strengths and have developed a passion for the sport or want to pursue sports as a lifelong/career aspiration. This is aligned to the school's vision of “Enlightened Students, Enriched Citizens” and a move towards aspiration/ability-driven education.   

GOALS OF LLP – Character Development through Sports ·

  • Sports participation among the students so as to imbue in them values/attitudes of endurance (Resilience), discipline (Responsibility), fair play (Respect & Integrity), teamwork (Care & Harmony), a drive to excel and a healthy lifestyle (alignment to the school’s values and key student outcomes – morally upright, emotionally adept and physically robust); 
  • Bonding amongst students  of various races through common sporting experiences
  • Sports excellence for talented student-athletes to excel in sports to enhance school and national (representing the country) pride.    


The school adopts the 3E Approach to deliver a 6-year programme for students to Experience, Engage and Excel in sports. This helps them to bond with each other as a class through interaction and play as well as develop values and attitudes for character education. Students can choose to play the sports at a recreational or competitive level and also create an opportunity for staff, parents and other stakeholders to experience and support the vibrant sporting culture and environment in sports. P1 to P3 students experience our vibrant sporting culture through Wushu and other sports during PE lessons and Games Day; while P4 to P6 experience it through the various Sports CCA, PE lessons and Sports Days.

 LLP character Development

LLP Character Development through Sports

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