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Keming Primary e-Newsletter 2021_Semester 1
Dear parents,

It is our delight to share with you the 2021 e-newsletter! Some of the highlights include our P5 Day Camp and Swimsafer programme which did not take place last year due to the pandemic.

We also put the spotlight on our students’ voices in this issue. Students shared with us their views on and their learning gained from the array of activities in the school. We would like to thank the parents who have contributed their positive parenting anecdotes with us in this issue.

We hope that you and your child will find time to read the newsletter together. Enjoy!

KMPS e-Newsletter 2021 Semester 1

Keming Primary e-Newsletter 2020_Semester 1
Dear parents,

Welcome to the launch of our first e-Newsletter for 2020. In this e-Newsletter, our teachers and students have penned down their reflections of their learning during Full Home-based Learning (FHBL). Some of our parents have also written notes of thanks to their children and family members, to thank them for their encouragement during this period.

We invite you to read the notes of thanks and reflections in this e-Newsletter. Thank you once again for your support and cooperation.

Keming Primary e-Newsletter 2020_Semester 2
Dear Parents,

As we draw a close to the year 2020, we would like to express our appreciation for your partnership and support.

In this e-Newsletter, we showcase an array of activities that have taken place in the course of the year despite the safety management measures that were put in place. We invite you to read their stories.

This year, as Keming Primary turns 85 years old, we recalled our pioneers’ resilience in their tireless efforts in building our school, we are also inspired to feature stories of our students who have overcome different challenges to emerge stronger than before. We hope that these stories will bring encouragement and joy to all.

Wishing all, Happy Holidays!