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Curricular Goal

Confident and Effective Communicators of the English Language

We strive to develop in our students a love for learning and a strong foundation in the English Language, leading them to be empathetic communicators, discerning readers and creative inquirers of the 21st century through effective learning and teaching approaches.

English Curriculum

In the lower primary classrooms, students learn to read through shared reading of big books and this is followed by rich language experiences that develop their language skills in relation to the themes.

Pic 1.jpg
Primary One students putting up their hands to choose their favourite big book for shared reading.

The Modified Learning Experience Approach (MLEA) provides students with shared experiences, giving them the content and context to apply the language skills acquired for writing.

Pic. 1 Primary One students going on a garden trail and learning about the flora and fauna before the class writing activity.
Pic. 2 Primary Two students having lots of fun discovering how to blow bigger bubbles before writing about this experience.

As students move up to the upper primary, they read to learn and progressively deepen their language skills through strategies like Supported Reading, KWL (what they Know, what they Want to know and what they have Learnt), Retelling, the Writing Process Cycle and Differentiated Instruction. Please click on the following link for more information.

The above website provides information on the teaching of English Language in schools as well as related resources for students and parents.

Learning Support Programme (LSP)

for Primary 1 and 2 students

The Learning Support Programme (LSP) provides additional support for students with weak language and literacy skills to cope with the mainstream curriculum in the lower primary. The main objective of LSP is to equip students with basic reading and spelling skills, and at the same time, develop their confidence in using the English Language.

LSP1.jpg LSP2.jpg
The LSP students are also given the following support to accelerate their reading skills.

(i)     Buddy Reading Support

Each student is paired with a P3/P4 tutor who uses graded readers to guide him/her in reading. This programme takes place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning at the school library.

LSP3.jpg LSP4.jpg

(ii)     Reading Support with Moo-O Plus

Students will use an interactive app ‘Moo-O Plus’ that helps them to improve their English Language skills, mainly in reading, fluency and speaking by transforming them into talking story characters on screen. This programme for the LSP students takes place every Friday afternoon in the Computer Lab.

LSP5.jpg LSP6.jpg
P2 students read the digital storybook in the Computer Lab, following which, they record their reading aloud of the story online.

*Both the Buddy Reading Programme and Reading Support with Moo-O Plus will resume after the Covid-19 situation.

Reading Support Programmes

for Primary 3 and 4 students

To support P3 & P4 students who have difficulty in reading, we have School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR) in a small group setting conducted on a regular basis (4 times a week). Teachers who are specially trained to reach out to this group of learners conduct structured lessons with close monitoring of students’ progress.

Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) targets P3 & P4 students who are weak at English Language but without reading difficulties. Structured lessons are conducted twice a week with close monitoring of students’ progress to strengthen students’ foundation and equip them with essential skills for ease of learning in class.

Reading Programmes

Studies have shown that the more children read, the better readers and writers they become. Our students are engaged in a series of reading activities that widen their knowledge and deepen their reading skills. Besides the regular Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) programme, we engage students in reading recommended storybooks and magazines using the literature approach in the classrooms. While the lower primary students enrich their reading experiences through ‘Moo-O Plus’, an interactive system with a wide range of electronic books, the upper primary students subscribe to the Little Red Dot newspapers that provide them with the exposure to current affairs.

Reading1.jpg Reading 2.jpg
Students engaging in the morning reading and discussion of The Little Red Dot newspapers.

Oracy Programmes

Open Mike is a platform that captures students’ voices during recesses.

To encourage a more open speaking culture, a microphone is placed in the school’s Living Room. Students are free to come forward and present their thoughts and views on any topic of interests.

Kids Buzz is another platform for public speaking where students take turns to present during pre-assembly.
A student coming forward to share her thoughts during Open Mike.

In addition, students are engaged in Pick-and-Tell, Readers Theatre, storytelling, dramatisation as well as book talks in class.

oracy1.jpg oracy2.jpg
Primary Three students getting into the roles of the characters in Readers Theatre.

Language & Library Week

To promote a love for reading and the joy of learning the English Language, we engaged students in a series of fun-filled activities like character dress-up, reading picnic, pyjama party, movie screening, book talks, games, writing contest and mass borrowing during Language and Library Week – an annual highlight for all in Keming.

In 2019, the theme was ‘Characters Come Alive’. Let’s catch a glimpse of our Kemingnites in action during Language and Library Week in 2019!

Students dressing up as their favourite book characters:

wishy washy.jpg
Mr. Wishy-Washy
cat in hat.jpg
The Cat in The Hat
A Witch
robin hood.jpg
Robin Hood
harry potter.jpg
Harry Potter

The teachers joined in the fun as well! Can you guess which characters they were dressed up as?


The outdoor reading picnic was a delightful experience for students. Somehow, reading feels way more pleasurable outside the usual classroom setting.

outdoor2.jpg outdoor3.jpg

Movie Screening is an all-time favourite during the Language and Library Week every year!
Students flocked to the library to watch their favourite characters come alive on screen during recess.


The English Learning Trail is another highlight of the Language & Library Week with students visiting the various learning stations to learn about famous authors and the books written by them. Students also had fun at the stations where they participated in a challenge to see who could say the tongue twisters in the shortest time!

trail1.jpg trail2.jpg
Students were thrilled when our Vice-Principal, Ms Saraswathy, made a guest appearance during the storytelling session.

trail3.jpg trail4.jpg

Professional Development of Teachers

Our English teachers believe in sharpening the saw. To reach out to students more effectively, we develop ourselves professionally by attending courses and engaging in professional dialogues.


Writing Workshop
(conducted by Master Teacher, Mr William Grosse and our teachers, Mrs Lynda Ang & Mdm Norita)