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Our Student Leaders


Every Keming Student Leader: A Person of Character; An Inspiring Leader

Our Student Leaders in school

  • Prefectorial Board
    • P4 to P6 – Junior & Senior Prefects
    • Executive Committee (ExCO) – Head Prefect, Asst. Head Prefects and selected Senior Prefects
  • Other leaders in school
    • Class Committee members
      • Chairperson, Vice-chairpersons, CCD Champions, Subject Representatives, ICT Representatives
    • CCA Leaders/Representatives
    • AVA Representatives

Our 6 Es Approach to Student Leadership

We strive for every Keming Student Leader to be not only a person of character but also an inspiring leader with a mission to lead, serve and inspire others. Hence, the committee adopts the 6 Es approach to deliver the student leadership program through:

  • Enlisting
    • Identifying and selecting students for leadership roles based on a set of criteria
  • Envisioning
    • Understanding the need to create a vision of the leadership style embraced in the school mission and vision
  • Equipping
    • Providing training and learning platforms for student leaders to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to serve and lead effectively and efficiently.
  • Empowering
    • Creating opportunities for student leaders to be able to apply learned skills and knowledge, and be informed in decision-making roles in the school and community.
  • Evaluating and Encouraging
    • Allowing for a system of progressive evaluation through rubrics and assessment tools to act as feedback for personal growth

The 3 Attainment levels of Student Leadership

There are 3 levels of attainment of student leadership and by the end of P6, all students would have achieved at least Level 1 Attainment. Student Leadership@Keming provides training and opportunities for the student leaders. Observable outcomes and descriptors are used by teachers as rubrics for the identification, selection and nomination of student leaders who will track their progress in their leadership journey through the following levels of attainment:


Main Calendar of Events

Annual Head Prefect Elections@Keming and Prefect Investiture

As part of our continual efforts in preparing our students to be contributing citizens who are capable of responsible decision-making, we provide the opportunity for all Primary 3 to Primary 6 students to cast their votes in selecting the student leader whom they see as a role-model to lead them in school – the Head and Assistant Head Prefects.

The chosen candidates, who are short-listed after a panel interview with the school leaders, run a week-long campaign, during which they form their own campaigning teams, garner support from their peers and schoolmates. They are also required to present themselves to the rest of the school during assembly with their own campaigning speeches. Through all of these activities, we hope to give the students the authentic experience of exercising their “Keming citizenship” right to vote and also create a sense of ownership in students - having a voice in how the school should be run. We even have a “cooling-off” day before the whole school participates in this annual election!

Leadership Camps/Workshops for Student Leaders

The leadership camps/workshops for student leaders enable them to sharpen their leadership skills.Through our many avenues of connecting with our stake-holders, the school runs camps and workshops annually in partnership with our Junior-Alumni, which consists of ex-Keming students/leaders who have a passion in contributing and value-adding back to their alma mater. Through this platform and interaction sessions, these “older brothers and sisters” share with their juniors on their experiences in becoming a person who can influence others positively and through this, inspire the younger generation to take on leadership positions more readily, to make a difference and be the change to bring Keming to greater heights.

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