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ECO Club

The ECO Club aims to raise the awareness of Kemingnites of their environment and increase their interest on environmental issues. Students will be actively involved in environmental events and be committed to care for the environment through the 3Rs and upcycling the available resources. The ECO Club believes that, regardless of age, environmentally-friendly actions can start small from home and school. We are driven to inspire, educate and empower our students to make daily decisions to support a healthy and sustainable planet. 


Ms Lim Huey Ling

Mrs Lynn Chong

Ms Hairani

Day & Time

Wednesday, 2 p.m - 4 p.m.


Computer Lab 1


Green School @ South West CDC awards to be in 2018

Lotus Award (School Green Awards)
Sustained Achievement Award (Green Schools @ South West 2016 Programme)
Gold Award (Green Schools @ South West 2016 Programme)

Sharing of environmental issues to educate fellow club members.

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ECO club 2.jpg

Playing games to foster teamwork and instill school values.

ECO club 3.jpg
ECO club 4 2.jpg

Participating in Earth Day school displays to inspire schoolmates to recycle and upcycle.

earth day1.jpg
earth day2.jpg

Recycling and Upcycling team projects

activity 1.jpg
activity 2.jpg
activity 3.jpg
Making pencil cases from food wrappers.
Weaving toilet rolls to coasters.
Inventing games from recycled materials.