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Scouting was first introduced in our school in 1991. Our Cub Scouts are trained to adopt the principles of good citizenship through the Scout method. It is learning by doing with active participation with other members such as working in a small group, known as ‘Six’, to develop leadership and teamwork skills to be a responsible Scouter.

The Mission of Scouting:
The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law. To help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

The Vision of Scouting:
Better Scouting for more young People


Mr Gejendran s/o V Krishnan

Ms Archana

Mdm Wang Tan

Day & Time

Wednesdays, 2.15 p.m. - 4.15 p.m.


PO room 5 and 6

2020 Achievements:

Frank Cooper.jpgFrank Cooper Sands Award: Silver

This award honours the father of Scouting in Singapore, and is awarded annually to sectional scout units for unit excellence.  The assessment for the award centres on Unit administration, Unit participation, Training and Development, International participation, Unit finances and Unit Initiatives.  We are pleased to have achieved the Silver award for 2019.

Akela Award: Keshwini Gejendran (6 Amethyst)

Akela award.jpgThe Akela Award is the highest honour for a Cub Scout in Singapore.  The candidate(s) submit(s) his/her log book with all evidence of both Progress and Proficiency arrows and badge attainments respectively thereby detailing his/her journey over the years in scouting.  Upon acceptance, he/she will be invited to attend an interview by the Area Commissioner. Keshwini (6 Amethyst) clinched this eminent award. It is our heartfelt wish that she will continue the scouting principles in her future endeavours. Well done, and congratulations to Keshwini.

Messengers of Peace Award:

Messengers of peace.png.jpgThe Messengers of Peace is an international initiative which aims to highlight how Scouts make the world a better place by supporting scouts' community service and encouraging Scouts to share their actions with others to help build a global network of service.  Congratulations to the following students who have satisfied the requirement for this prestigious award:

·         Keshwini Gejendran (Primary 6 Am)

·         Teo Junwei Jonathan (Primary 5 Am)

·         Anna Lok En Bei (Primary 4 Ja)

·         Xu Lexin (Primary 4 Ja)

2021 Competitions:

National Cub Scout Mind Quiz winners:

Tan Zheng Yi Adrian, Primary 4 Di (Gold)

Lau Qi Hen Tristin, Primary 5 Em (Silver)  

Venice Toh Yee Hee, Primary 5 Em (Silver)


2021 Activities:

Unit Meetings

We kicked off the year by having roasted marshmallows at the end of our Unit Meeting.  The teachers and the Cubs had a whale of time bonding and building our camaraderie.  

unit meeting 1.png.jpg  unit meeting 2.jpg  unit meeting 3.jpg

World Water Day Learning Journey
Tuatara Cub Scouts were able to extend their learning of World Water Day after its commemoration at the start of Term 2. The Cubs were fortunate to go on a learning trail to Waterway Watch Society on 24 March 2021
Trash collection 1.jpg

Look at the trash!

Trash collection 2.jpg

Debriefing after trash collection

Trash collection 3.jpg