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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) & Values in Action (VIA)

Curricular Goal

Every Kemingnite is able to live out our values explicitly and is a reflective learner.The CCE & VIA Committee focuses on developing the moral and social aspects of students. The school hopes that by the end of our students’ six years of education in Keming, our students will learn to be Morally Upright and Socially Responsible. By so doing, it will contribute to the development of the whole child into Enlightened Student and Enriched Citizen.

Key Programmes

The school uses CCE as a subject during curriculum time to inculcate the R3ICH values. The R3ICH values taught during CCE lessons are: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Integrity, Care and Harmony. During lesson time, teachers will use engaging learning approaches, current affairs and teachable moment to help the students learn and internalise values. In other words, we hope to develop the students in the areas of moral knowing and moral feelings.

LOVE@Keming (Live Out Our Values Explicitly@Keming)

This is an initiative by the department to help our students understand and internalise the R3ICH values. Every month, prefects will highlight a particular value more explicitly by sharing with the students what the expected behaviours of the value are. After which, the students will go through a reflection process on whether they have lived out the values or not. The completed ones would then be submitted to their form teacher for endorsements and a collar pin will be awarded to the student as an encouragement. In this way, we aim to help develop our students in the area of moral actions.

VIA provides a platform for our students to put the values they have learnt into actions. In Keming, we have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) document to guide us in doing VIA. In the document, we talk about VIA in the areas of “ABC”. They are:

Assisting the needy
The P1 and P2 students are encouraged to take part in the annual Sharity Elephant Donation Drive while P3 to P6 students would have to do both Sharity Elephant Donation Drive and Bukit Batok Community Club Walkathon Donation Drive. This is to help our students understand that anyone can play a part in giving back to the society because we too have benefitted from it.

Building bond with the community
Our students will make use of the opportunity to showcase their talents to the public during certain festivals or celebrations. This is also a way to use their talents to ‘entertain’ the public as well as to build their self-confidence. For example, some of our CCA groups such as Chinese Dance and Wushu would usually be invited to perform at Bukit Batok Community events.

Committing to sustain as a green and blue school
The school adopts a spiral-up approach to this based on the CCE syllabus. The P1 and P2 students play their part by picking up the litter in the canteen. The P3 students are involved by keeping up the litter in the multi-racial garden and the P4 students are responsible for the back gate area. The P5 and P6 students will move out from school to pick up litter along the Ulu Pandan Connector Walkaway outside the school and selected area of the East Coast Park respectively. Students are also constantly reminded that water and electricity are precious and they should be used prudently.

P4 Values In Action (VIA)
'LOVE for Gardens'
Values Wall