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Citizenship Education and Project Work Committee

Curricular Goal

Every Kemingnite to become an informed, concerned and participative citizen of Singapore

Citizenship Education and Project Work Committee focuses on developing students to become socially responsible citizens. We aim to develop students to be informed and concerned about local and global issues, as well as being participative in bringing Singapore to greater heights.

Our Approach

Our school adopts MOE’s Head, Heart and Hands approach in the development of our students. We focus on helping students acquire the relevant knowledge and skills about how they can contribute to the betterment of Singapore and through various platforms which encourages them to reflect about key issues, we hope to bring out the positive attitude in them to want to contribute to the nation.


Key Programmes

1. Project work
Project work provides the platform for students to apply the knowledge learnt across various subjects. Our project work is purposefully tied to Citizenship Education themes to help our students have a better understanding of local and global issues happening around them.

Primary 3 – Great Mouse Escape
A storyline approach is adopted to help students understand the effects of global warming. Students apply the concepts of materials in creating vessels that could sail over a given distance.

Primary 4 – Hydroponics
A practical approach to help students understand the importance of high-tech farming in Singapore where land is scarce.

Primary 5 – Marine Conservation
Students take on an active role in being an advocate of marine conservation. Leveraging on the use of IT, students create blogs to raise the awareness of marine conservation among their peers.

2. Environment Education
Our environmental Programme provides the platform for students to live out their value of being socially responsible. Students engage their ‘head, heart and hands’ to perform meaningful activities that contribute to a cleaner and greener environment around them.

Green Schools @ Southwest
Through the participation of various modules on the different aspects of environment education, students acquire the knowledge and skills to keep our environment clean and green.

SELF ( Students Embrace Litter Free)
This is an education outreach programme by NEA. Students engage in litter-free activities and commit to this value. Every year, our students perform a beach cleaning exercise to enable them to apply the knowledge on litter-free and use their hands to live out this value.

Recycling Outreach Programme
Our students take on an active role in practising the 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In phrase 2 of this programme, students conduct an outreach to the parents to equip them with the knowledge of 4Rs. They also conduct a ‘Bring your Recyclables’ Day to encourage parents to use their hands to contribute positively towards the environment.

Green for Hope
A paper collection exercise in collaboration with CapitaLand.

3. Social Studies and National Education
The various commemorative days such as Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day, and the National Education programmes such as learning journeys serve to instil in pupils a sense of belonging and commitment to the school, nation and world.

Furthermore, the Social Studies curriculum aspires towards the educative growth of learners as informed, concerned and participative citizens by the end of the full course of Social Studies education in our Primary Schools.

Lastly, in line with our school’s vision of ‘Enriched Citizen’, we go forth committed to nurturing every pupil to realise his/her potential and to make a difference to society.

National Education Core Events
Total Defence Day
(Term 1)
Total Defence Day is commemorated annually on 15 February to mark Singapore’s fall to the Japanese in 1942. Total Defence Day serves to remind our pupils that Singapore is defensible and is worth defending, and that we ourselves must defend Singapore.
International Friendship Day
(Term 2)
International Friendship Day is a day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with neighbouring countries and beyond. It aims to nurture in our pupils the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people.
Racial Harmony Day
(Term 3)
Racial Harmony Day is commemorated on 21 July. On this day in 1964, Singapore saw racial riots. Racial Harmony Day serves to remind our pupils that social division had cost us dearly and that racial harmony should never be taken for granted. It is a day for schools to reflect on, and to celebrate our success as a harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of cultures and heritage.
National Day
(Term 3)
National Day marks our emergence as an independent country in the community of nations. Since 1998, the National Day Ceremony was introduced in schools to enhance the significance of National Day Celebrations. This ceremony aims to bring to the pupils a greater sense of the historical importance and solemnity of National Day.