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P1 First Day of School

On Monday 4th January 2021, we welcomed our Primary One (P1) Kemingnites.

Accompanied by a parent, our Primary One students started off their first day with a handwashing routine in the canteen, something Kemingnites do daily as part of Safe Management Measures. Following that, the parents walked their children to the classrooms, wishing them a great start to their first day in Keming Primary.

Teachers shared routines and good recess habits just before the children got ready for recess. During recess, teacher buddies assigned to each class guided them on the purchase of food at the stalls in the canteen and guided them to the toilets. The students were given a longer recess that day to allow them ample time to familiarise themselves with the environment and interact with their schoolmates and teachers.

At the end of the school day, the smiles on the faces of our P1 Kemingnites showed that they had truly enjoyed themselves on their first day of school.


P1 Kemingnites learning how to wash their hands in the canteen with their parents on the first day of school
(a part of Safe Management Measures)

img247.jpg img249.jpg img251.jpg
P1 Kemingnites arriving at their classrooms, accompanied by their parent.

img6.jpg img8.jpg img10.jpg
Singing the National Anthem and taking the pledge together!

img12.jpg img14.jpg img16.jpg img18.jpg
P1 Kemingnites learning how to take their daily temperature in class and recording it in their student handbook.

All ready to start the day with our teachers!

img24.jpg img26.jpg
P1 Kemingnites eagerly participating in class.

img30.jpg img32.jpg img34.jpg
img36.jpg img38.jpg
Getting ready for recess!

img40.jpg img42.jpg img44.jpg
Kemingnites purchasing food from the canteen stalls.

img46.jpg img48.jpg
Enjoying the interaction with friends during recess.

img52.jpg img54.jpg img56.jpg
Teacher buddies walking round to ensure the well-being of every Kemingnite.

img58.jpg img60.jpg img62.jpg
P1 Kemingnites return their plates after finishing their food, under the guidance of their teacher buddies.

img66.jpg img68.jpg
P1 Kemingnites arriving in school together with the rest of their schoolmates on Day 2 of school.

img70.jpg img72.jpg img74.jpg
Our P6 student leaders and form teachers checking in on P1 Kemingnites during Day 2 recess.