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Physical Education & Health Education

Physical Education

Curricular Goal

To equip our students with the physical skills, attitudes and values to enjoy a physically active and healthy life.

Our Programmes & Activities

Through our programmes and activities, we want our students to:

1) Develop and maintain physical health and fitness through regular participation in physical activities

2) Understand and apply movement concepts within physical activities

3) Demonstrate awareness of safe practices during physical and daily activities

4) Espoused the spirit of sportsmanship, friendship, respect, resilience and fair play. 

PE Department Programmes & Activities

Term 1:

Height & Weight Measurement (all levels)

P3 Swimsafer Programme

Level Sports Day for Primary 4


Term 2:

Primary 4 Outdoor Adventure Camp (3 days, 2 nights)

Primary 6 NAPFA Test

Sports Enrichment Programme for P4

Term 3:

Height & Weight Measurement (all levels)

Primary 4 NAPFA Test

Lower Primary Games Day (Primary 1 & 2)

Level Sports Day for Primary 3

Level Sports Day for Primary 5

Sports Enrichment Programme for P3

Term 4:

Level Sports Day for Primary 6

Sports Enrichment Programme for P5 

Lower Primary Games Day
p1 games day 2017 2.jpgp1 games day 2017 1.jpgp1 games day- 2017 3.jpg

Primary 4 Camp
P4 Camp 2018 1.JPGP4 Camp 2018 4.JPGP4 Camp 2018 2.JPG

Primary 4 Games Day
P4 games day 2018 6.JPGP4 games day 2018 2.JPGP4 games day 2018 4.JPG