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Curricular Goal

To build a community of independent and effective problem solvers.

The Mathematics fraternity aims to develop our students to become effective problem solvers. Students acquire proficiency in problem-solving skills through the use of the CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) approach in the rigorous Mathematics curriculum. Inquiry and the gradual release of responsibility models are used as pedagogical approaches to develop confidence, co-operation and curiosity in our students.

Mathematics Programmes

  • Performance Tasks – Learning activities such as practical tasks and authentic learning experiences that students are engaged in to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a specific topic.

  • Learning Journeys (LJs)/ Mathematics Trails – Students are exposed to authentic learning experiences beyond the classroom.

  • Learning Spaces, The Third Teacher – The school premises are used as the third teacher to engage students in activities during recess. Quizzes are also conducted to stimulate students’ thinking.

  • Student Learning Space – Online activities and tasks to engage students in Mathematics learning.

Performance Tasks

§ P1: Where Am I In The Race – Reinforces the concepts of ordinal numbers
§ P1: Shapes and Patterns Journal
§ P1 to P4 Practical Tasks

Learning Journeys / Mathematics Trails
§ P1 Zoo
§ P1 LJ to Supermarket
§ P2 Bird Park
§ P3 Whole Numbers Addition & Subtraction
§ P4 Squares and Rectangles

Primary 1 students learn the concept of money at a supermarket.

Learning Spaces, The Third Teacher
§ P1 to P6 Quizzes
§ P1 to P6 Maths Activities

Students used Maths App during one of our Recess Corner activities.

Student Learning Space
§ P1 to P6 Maths Online Activities and Tasks

§ P6 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS)
§ P6 Raffles Institution (RI) Primary Maths World Contest
§ P5 National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS)