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Mother Tongue Languages (MTL)

Curricular Goal

Confident and Effective Communicators,
Culturally-savvy and Self-directed Learners.

MTL students are developed in three critical areas: 

• Communication skills with knowledge of MTL, possessing the attitude and habit in using MTL in their daily communications;

• Culturally-savvy with deepened understanding and appreciation of one’s own Mother Tongue culture and cross-cultural awareness;

• Connections with others as self-directed thinkers and learners, equipped with Social Emotional Competencies, ICT skills in MTL learning and global awareness.

To bring about the Joy of Learning in MTL and a need to keep MTL as a living language, we strive to continuously enhance our teaching approach to engage our students in learning. The key areas include: a) enhancement of our in-class teaching and learning in alignment to the latest 2015 syllabus; b) programmes organised for greater exposure of our students to the language skills and developing self-directed learning; c) providing various platforms for the display of students’ talents; d) festival celebrations and MTL fortnight to heighten our students’ own cultural and cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. 

Cultural Learning – Cross-cultural awareness

Students are provided with developmental opportunities to learn emerging 21st CC skills (cross-cultural skills) over 6 years through explicit teaching during Cultural Sharing lessons and Festival Celebrations (Head), reflections (Heart) and hands-on activities in class and during recesses (Hands). 

Festivals Celebrations 
Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. Festivals serve the same purpose of bringing happiness to our lives, and strengthen our sense of community. They play an important role to add structure to our social lives, and connect people of different races and culture to appreciate the beauty of our own culture and cross-culture. 

Festival celebration is an important part of MTL department’s Cultural Learning Model where students are exposed to the different cultures and appreciate them through the experiences during the celebrations and hands-on activities. The four main festivals that we celebrate in school are Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Mid-Autumn and Deepavali. 

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Opening Songs.jpgOpening Songs2.jpg


Chinese Orchestra.jpg

Solo Performance.jpgDrama.jpg

Chinese New Year Concert

recess activities1.jpgrecess activities2.jpg

Recess Activities- Interactive Board Zodiac Games


Recess Activities- Calligraphy


Recess Activities - Socrative Quizzes


Recess Activities - Library


Classroom Activities - P1 & P2 Chinese Characters & Zodiac colouring and design


Classroom activities - P3 & P4 CNY Well-wishes writing

p5 classroom.jpgp6 classroom.jpg

Classroom activities - P5 & P6 Zodiac cutting and design

Hari Raya Puasa Celebrations

Hari Raya 1.jpgHari Raya 2.jpg

hari raya3.jpghari raya4.jpg

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration




Mid-Autumn Celebrations Concert

midautumn booth1.pngmidautumn booth2.jpg

midautumn booth3.jpgmidautumn booth4.jpg

Mid-Autumn Festivals Celebrations booths and games

Deepavali Celebrations


Primary 2: Speech & Drama

Drama is an enjoyable learning platform. P2 students develop their communication skills through the use of their voice and body language as well as build confidence in using MTL effectively in dramatisation.

 Chinese Language Speech and Drama


Malay Language Speech and Drama


Tamil Language Speech and Drama


MTL Fortnight and P4 Cultural Camp

To instil in our students the love of learning MT languages, to promote the appreciation of their culture and to enhance their language skills, MTL teachers organise two weeks of fun-filled cultural and language activities for students every year. 

Classroom activities such as Spelling Bee Competition, Inter-class performances, games on idioms and words, the learning and writing of poems, penmanship competitions and reading programmes are carried out across the MTLs. 

Cultural activities include hands-on experience in making traditional crafts, playing of traditional games, learning about customs and practices of own culture as well as that of other cultures. All P4 students are immersed in their own culture and learning about other cultures as well during the P4 cultural camp. 

MTL Reading Programme

Reading is one of the ways to enhance the learning of MTL. It sparks students’ interest in MTL which leads to greater improvement in their use of MTL in communicating with others and appreciation of MTL. Students are engaged in the reading of various materials such as newspapers, magazines, story books of different genres, meaningful songs and poems. 

Each of the MTL has their own unique reading programme. For example, the Malay Language students are exposed to the language through the ‘Marilah Bersastera’ Extensive Reading Programme. Accompanying learning materials are also developed to enrich students’ learning. Students get to do reviews and learn about characterisation and plot which they can apply to composition writing. 

P4 Cultural Camp- Additional Games


Students learning Indian Traditional game - Aadu Puli Aatam

chinesetop1.jpgchinese top2.jpg

Students learning Malay Chapteh and Chinese Top


Students learning Five Stones and Congkak 

chinesechess1.jpgchinese chess2.jpg

Students learning Chinese Animal Chess

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities 2019 




Traditional Games at Recess


CL Story Telling


P1 CL Word Search acitvity

P3 CL.jpg

P3 CL Reader’s Theatre

clay modelling1.jpgclay modelling2.jpg

P6 Clay Modelling


P1 ML Spelling Bee


P2 ML Role-Play


P5 ML Journalism Workshop


P1 TL Show & Tell



P1 TL Kolam Decoration


P2 TL Scenario Description


P2 TL Thoranam Making


P3 TL Role Play

flower tying1.jpgflower tying2.jpgflower tying3.jpg

P3 TL Flower Tying

readers theater1.jpgreaders theatre2.jpgreaders theatre3.jpg

P3 TL Reader’s Theatre 


P4 TL Story Telling


P4 Kolam Decoration

learning journey1.pnglearning journey2.png

P4 Learning Journey to the Heritage Centre


P5 TL Oratorical


P5 TL Henna Drawing

language quiz1.jpglanguage quiz2.jpg

P6 TL Language Quiz

traditional games1.jpgtraditional games2.jpgtraditional games3.jpg

P6 TL Indian Traditional Games